Maison Bagan

Wooden Oval Cheese Board with Arabic Patterns

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Maison Bagan unveils the oval cheese board made from engraved wood. The Arabesque board is ideal for preparing your meals and decorating your table. The exceptional Arabic patterns on this cheese board will bring an oriental and exotic touch to your table

- Made from high-quality red wood
- Varnished with mineral oil

Useful information:
Length: 30 cm
Width: 20 cm
Thickness: 1,5 cm
Weight: 500 grams

Maison Bagan's maintenance tips:
- Use the back of the board to cut to preserve the front
- Clean the tray with a slightly damp cloth and let it dry.
- Wash your board by hand, avoid the dishwasher
- Disinfect the board using salt, lemon juice or vinegar.
- Dry the board thoroughly.
- Soak in mineral oil to restore freshness.

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