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MyTindy is a marketplace designed to introduce the world to Morocco’s talented craftspeople. Each of our makers produces their goods entirely in Morocco. We work with each brand to review their items, understand their process and ensure they are producing high-quality pieces that you will love. With MyTindy, our community of makers is able to reach a worldwide audience and have the chance to grow a successful, flourishing business.


After spending almost a decade living in Canada, I decided to move back home to Morocco. Once I settled in and started furnishing my home, I realized how much I enjoyed shopping online.  But it was hard to find pieces for my home that were made in Morocco. After asking many friends and family, I could only discover a couple of artisans that had online shops.
I started to talk to the different makers and I asked them why they weren’t online. For most of them, it was the same answers: they didn’t have the time, it was too complicated and they didn’t know where to start. I realized it was more of a “know-how” issue than a lack of interest. 
Since I am an e-commerce expert and have built several successful online shops, I knew that I could do something to help these artists get their beautiful items online and in front of the world. 

Our Goal is connecting the world with local craftspeople.



We personally talk to each of our brands and craftspeople, to understand their process and what makes their items unique. Our collection is carefully curated to give Moroccan brands a chance to introduce themselves to the world market. Our vendors are introduced to the worldwide marketplace through MyTindy. This allows them to create a sustainable business that will give them the chance to support themselves and thrive.
By meeting with our vendors personally, we ensure that we deliver fair prices and the highest quality to our customers. Our Moroccan decor and fashion finds are unique and many are limited editions, creating an exciting shopping experience for you every time you visit. We stand by every piece that is sold through MyTindy and we want to ensure you will always be delighted with your purchase.


The Ministry of Handicrafts joins forces with our online store Mytindy.com in order to promote Moroccan craftsmanship.

This partnership strengthens the efforts and daily commitment already provided by MyTindy to digitize Moroccan craftsmanship.


Our Mission is to uphold Moroccan’s craft and make people discover Morocco through its craft while helping artists better live from their art. We want to expand this business so that we can help more artisans to sell their craft on MYTINDY.COM


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