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DIY Moroccan Spa Hammam at Home

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What a pleasure it is to treat yourself to a hammam to relax and find a soft and satiny skin. This ritual works great at home, follow the steps below to create this wellness ritual in your bathroom.

Fun activities to do at home during confinement

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To make your stay at home as enjoyable as possible, we’ve rounded up the best 10 things to do while you’re stranded at home, all courtesy of Stay safe out there!

5 Moroccan Beauty Secrets for a Radiant Skin

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Morocco is a country rich in natural ingredients that are as good for the skin as they are for the body. Today, we decided to reveal to you 5 Moroccan ingredients that will do wonders for your skin, as well as homemade skin care recipes: masks, face cares and skin cares with various benefits for radiant and fresh skin!

Shopping in Morocco: The Ultimate Guide

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Traveling to Morocco can be so much fun, as there is so much to see and experience during a trip there.  One of the favorite things to do in that part of the world is shopping, but many travelers like yourself are usually wondering if the quality of the items they are looking at is worthwhile.  After all, there are so many parts of the world that import items from other countries.  Then those parts of the world try to sell those imported items as handmade and unique, when they are nothing but wholesale items that are bought cheap and then marked up tremendously for resale. 

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