Stop-bouton aux huiles essentielles-Odarym-MyTindy
Stop-bouton aux huiles essentielles-Odarym-MyTindy

Stop-bouton aux huiles essentielles

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The Odarym Stop Pimple is a real background treatment against acne. Thanks to its synergy of essential oils renowned for their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and healing properties, it quickly fades and hides the toughest pimples. It reduces redness and pimples without drying the skin. 

Directions for use: Put a drop on a cotton swab and apply it directly on the previously cleaned pimple. Make sure not to exceed 10 drops of the serum per day (1 drop of the mixture can be used for several pimples). Apply only at night.

Components: Clove: A vigorous anti-bacterial Peppermint: A powerful analgesic Lavender: An effective skin regenerating and healing oil Tea Tree: The first purifying, anti-acne oil The essential oil of thyme

Weight: 10ml

Houda Bennis has always been into all that's natural and Bio. She launched Odayrm to highlight the treasures of our Morocco, such as vegetable oils and floral waters which offer incredible virtues and incredible richness for the skin.

Odarym offers 100% natural and handmade cosmetics, at affordable prices because everyone deserves to experience the treasures of nature.

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