Serum dry and brittle hair ends-Odarym-MyTindy
Serum dry and brittle hair ends-Odarym-MyTindy

Serum dry and brittle hair ends

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Softening and regenerating, this serum repairs the entire length of hair and dry and damaged ends thanks to the nourishing power of castor and jojoba oils. Jojoba oil allows the hair to soften and regenerate while castor oil provides amino acids and nourishes the hair deep down to restore strength and vitality. 


Use: Can be used in an oil bath or as a no-rinse serum.


Oil Bath Mask: Apply all over the hair, including the scalp, and leave on for 1-2 hours for good penetration. Rinse off. 

As a serum: Apply a few drops on the ends of the hair and massage to facilitate the penetration of the care into the hair fiber, do not rinse. 


Composition: castor oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, vitamin E, ylang ylang essential oil.

Weight: 100ml


Houda Bennis has always been into all that's natural and Bio. She launched Odayrm to highlight the treasures of our Morocco, such as vegetable oils and floral waters which offer incredible virtues and incredible richness for the skin.

Odarym offers 100% natural and handmade cosmetics, at affordable prices because everyone deserves to experience the treasures of nature.

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