Coaster Tray with Moroccan Zellige Pattern

Maison Bagan

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Amaze your friends and family with this amazing puzzle coaster tray. As playful as it is elegant, it will delight young and old with its fun design. This tray is made of wood, with a Zellige print and a thin layer of varnish.

The zellige pattern coasters form a star similar to the one found on the zellige walls of Morocco.

- Star-shaped tray with its 8 under glasses with embedded zellige pattern
- Handmade and hand-painted wooden tray xx in diameter

Useful information:

  • Diameter: 33 cm
  • Height: 1 cm
  • Weight: 500 grams
  • Material: wood

For an outstanding table decoration or to give back some pep to your interior, treat yourself to this puzzle tray with a star-shaped coaster.

Our care tips:
We recommend that you clean the tray with a slightly damp cloth and let it dry. Do not wash in water or put in your dishwasher.

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