Salman Artisanal

Moroccan Round Wicker Tote Bag with Pompom

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Selmane Artisanal presents its Moroccan round wicker tote bag with multicolored pompoms. Hand-woven from wicker, this large round basket will be perfect to hold your groceries when shopping or as a decorative accessory in your home.

  • 100% handmade
  • Lightweight and wide can contain several effects
  • Selmane Artisanal's magnificent baskets are handmade in wicker and come in several models: round, small, large, with colored pompoms, sequins, pearls or fringes.

Care tips from our basket makers:
When it comes to maintenance, simply wipe with a damp cloth and let it dry in the open air. Protect from the elements.
Selmane Artisanal exhibits traditional baskets or "gouffas" customized differently, all hand-made in wicker in the countryside of Marrakech.

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