KHYAM Leather Accessory

Inspired by the Moroccan Sahara, KHYAM takes its shape from the Sahrawi tent, the Khayma. Colorful and radiant, it illuminates all your outfits with great style and tenderness. KHYAM is a leather accessory, with a chic, young and relaxed style for a light outing.
Characteristics :
100% Moroccan, 100% social and eco-responsible, and above all ultra-light... KHYAM is equipped :
- A thin leather handle
- An Inside Pocket
- With a zip fastener
Dimensions in cm: 22L x 13H x 1D
Composition :
Woven in cotton, poly cotton and lycra strips.
Genuine tanned leather
Maintenance Tips
Leather is a living material that wears and softens with use. It is therefore very important to take care of it so that it lasts longer.
- Do not store a wet or dirty bag, clean it first, and protect it with a cloth cover.
- To clean your leather bag without risk of damaging it, use talcum powder. Sprinkle the bag with talcum powder, then wipe off the paste with a soft cloth or cotton ball. Your bag will then regain its natural shine.
- Another effective grandmother's trick, especially for making leather shine. Run the inside of a banana peel over the bag

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