Deodorant balm - Vanilla-Odarym-MyTindy
Deodorant balm - Vanilla-Odarym-MyTindy

Deodorant balm - Vanilla

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Protect yourself with a 100% natural deodorant. Based on zinc oxide and essential oil of Palmarosa, it effectively neutralizes unpleasant odors and absorbs perspiration. It penetrates quickly and leaves no greasy or sticky finish on your skin, and no trace on your clothes. For men and women! Free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, phthalates... and other nasty substances!

Use: Use on dry and clean skin. With the spatula, take a dab of balm and apply it under the armpits as with a cream, massaging gently so that the deodorant balm penetrates.

Ingredients: Coconut vegetable oil, Zinc oxide, Shea butter, Beeswax ...

Weight: 25 gr.

Houda Bennis has always been into all that's natural and Bio. She launched Odayrm to highlight the treasures of our Morocco, such as vegetable oils and floral waters which offer incredible virtues and incredible richness for the skin.

Odarym offers 100% natural and handmade cosmetics, at affordable prices because everyone deserves to experience the treasures of nature.

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