AZARA Luggage Tag
AZARA Luggage Tag
AZARA Luggage Tag
AZARA Luggage Tag

AZARA Luggage Tag

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Luggage tag joyfully colorful, to easily recognize your suitcase.

Composition :
Woven in cotton, poly-cotton and lycra strips
Genuine tanned leather

Dimensions: 6L x 9H cm

Maintenance Tips
Leather is a living material that wears and softens with use. It is therefore very important to take care of it so that it lasts longer.
- Do not store a wet or dirty accessory, clean it first, and protect it with a cloth cover.
- To clean your leather accessory without risk of damaging it, use talcum powder. Sprinkle the bag with talcum powder, then wipe off the paste with a soft cloth or cotton ball. Your bag will then regain its natural shine.
- Another effective grandmother's trick, especially for making leather shine. Run the inside of a banana peel over your accessory.

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