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Anti-cellulite Massage Oil

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The anticellulite massage oil is composed of a synergy of energizing essential oils to effectively fight against water retention and cellulite while toning the targeted area. 


Directions for use: 2 x per day, 3 weeks over 4 months


Apply a few drops of oil to the parts of the body where cellulite is localized.

Adopt the palpate-roll technique to ensure the tissue is unclogged and the cellulite is dislodged.



Atlas Cedar: Lymphatic decongestant, powerful draining, diuretic, eliminates

Geranium Rosat: astringent tonic, draining, healing

Lemon: tones the skin

Orange: firms the skin

Macadamia: lymphatic decongestant, draining, penetrating, healing.


Weight: 100 ml / 3.4 oz


Houda Bennis has always been into all that's natural and Bio. She launched Odayrm to highlight the treasures of our Morocco, such as vegetable oils and floral waters which offer incredible virtues and incredible richness for the skin.

Odarym offers 100% natural and handmade cosmetics, at affordable prices because everyone deserves to experience the treasures of nature.

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