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Anti-cellulite Massage Oil

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The anticellulite massage oil is composed of a synergy of energizing essential oils to effectively fight against water retention and cellulite while toning the targeted area. 


Directions for use: 2 x per day, 3 weeks over 4 months


Apply a few drops of oil to the parts of the body where cellulite is localized.

Adopt the palpate-roll technique to ensure the tissue is unclogged and the cellulite is dislodged.



Atlas Cedar: Lymphatic decongestant, powerful draining, diuretic, eliminates

Geranium Rosat: astringent tonic, draining, healing

Lemon: tones the skin

Orange: firms the skin

Macadamia: lymphatic decongestant, draining, penetrating, healing.


Weight: 100 ml / 3.4 oz


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