Amazigh Rosette RING

Amazigh Rosette RING-Yelli Jewels-MyTindy
Amazigh Rosette RING-Yelli Jewels-MyTindy
Amazigh Rosette RING-Yelli Jewels-MyTindy

Amazigh Rosette RING

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+ Description

Braided Ring with a rosaceous symbol. According to the Amazigh belief, the rosettes form triangles with the point at the top symbolizing fire and virility, the point at the bottom evoking water and symbolizing femininity.

+ Product details

  • Unisex
  • Amazigh chiseled Amazigh rosette ring on the braided ring
  • Rosette diameter : 2cm
  • Techniques: Chiselling, silver braiding
  • Rosette diameter : 2cm
  • One size adjustable
  • Hours of work: 5

          Your jewelry is delivered in its YELLI JEWELS zipped pouch and is guaranteed for 1 year.

          + Delivery Details

          Allow 15 days between the production of your jewelry and its delivery to your home.

          + Care Tips

          To ensure a long life for your jewelry, follow these care tips:

          Silver jewelry is extremely sensitive to moisture. So make sure to absolutely avoid showering with your jewel and remember to remove it systematically when you wash your hands. Also, try not to wear your jewelry when sleeping or exercising. If your silver jewelry is inadvertently wet, dry it carefully and especially inside the ring. 

          Clean it regularly with a small leather chamois and do not hesitate to use a special product to clean silver. You can find it in the supermarket. You can also use a cloth or a toothbrush with lemon or baker soda to polish your jewel.

          Finally, we highly recommend you to store your jewelry in your YELLI JEWELS pouches.

          + Ring Size Guide

          Finding your ring size is very simple. For the most accuracy, measure the inside diameter of an existing ring (worn on the same hand and finger), and then find that measurement on the Ring Sizing Chart below.

          If you don’t have a ring to use, follow these easy steps:

          • Cut a strip of paper long enough to fit around your finger
          • Wrap the paper around your finger, just above the knuckle, and mark the point at which the two ends meet
          • Measure the paper from mark to mark
          • Find that measurement on the Ring Sizing Chart below
            to locate your size

          Please note that YELLI JEWELS uses European sizes (in mm/ cm), please refer to the chart below to find the correspondence in your country.

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