Top & Short Dada Hania Kid-So Fabrik-MyTindy

Haut et Short Dada Hania pour enfants

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Ensemble top et shorty

  •    Tissus imprimés à motif Dada Hania en satin rose clair
  •    Doublé en 100% coton rose
  •    Col rond avec petit élastique pour collier de bateau
  •    Manches courtes
  •    Des fioritures sur les shorts
  •    Tailles disponibles : 4 ans 6 ans 8 ans 10 ans
  •    Conçu et réalisé avec amour au Maroc

In love with sewing and drawing since her childhood, Sophia Rzal turned her passion into her career by launching her brand SoFabrik. In her work, the artist uses various everyday Moroccan objects, often traditional (scraps of djellabas, Zellige, etc.).

Nostalgic by nature, Sophia is inspired by traditions and her childhood memories, thus giving birth to creations that reflect her own character but always keeping the Moroccan touch.

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