Full Moon Candle

Full Moon Candle
Full Moon Candle
Full Moon Candle

Full Moon Candle

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Discover our range of lunar candles, each scent an invitation to explore the mysteries of the universe and manifest your deepest desires.
Protection: Apple & Cinnamon:
Wrap yourself in a protective shield with our warm fusion of apple and cinnamon, uplifting your energies and surrounding you with an aura of security and strength.
Intuition: Lavender & Jasmine:
Open your third eye and honor your intuition with our soothing blend of lavender and jasmine, inviting you to listen to the whispers of your soul and connect to the unseen realms.
Manifestation: Amber & Musk:
Anchor your intentions and unleash your manifesting power with our mesmerizing fusion of amber and musk, helping you attract into your life whatever your heart desires.
Purification: Sage:
Free yourself from stagnant energies and purify your sacred space with our sage candle, eliminating negative influences and offering you a fresh start.
Ritual: Rose:
Celebrate your rituals and magical practices with our romantic rose bouquet, connecting you to the beauty and power of ritual magic.
Hocus Pocus: Eucalyptus & Vanilla:
Immerse yourself in mystery and enchantment with our magical fusion of eucalyptus and vanilla, transporting you to a world of spells and sorcery.

-Our candles are cast in small quantities, on request and by hand, so the final result may differ from one candle to another, even if you initially ordered 2 identical candles.

-These candles are made from 100% natural vegetable waxes. Some manufacturing defects may be visible to the naked eye, such as the glazing of the wax, as no chemical ingredients are added to our waxes.

-Composition: Soya wax

-Wick: Crackling wood

Production: Hand-poured with love and intention in our workshops

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