The ultimate guide to the colors of Morocco

the ultimate guide to the colors of Morocco, Chefchaouen , blue pearl chefchaouen

Known for its vast landscapes and breathtaking views, Morocco is a great gateway for any nature lover, from the dramatic Atlas mountain to the wonderful beaches of the Atlantic and the golden Sahara. But not just for its nature, Morocco takes a lead when it comes to unique and vivid colors. Here are the main colors in Morocco

Blue colors of Morocco

The blue pearl, Chefchaouen 

With its gorgeous Blue alleyways and blue-washed buildings, Chefchaouen is considered the bluest city in the world as well as the most Instagram-able destination!

The many versions of The story behind the blue colors of the city. Some speculate that it was painted blue by the Jews in the 15th century or after the 1930s, as blue represents the sky in Jewish beliefs. Others say it symbolizes the importance of the city’s Ras el-Maa waterfall where citizens get their drinking water.

But there’s one thing for certain It is a perfect place to wander and take photos. 

We’re obsessed with this Chefchaouen poster:


Esaouira -Mogador,bride of the atlantic

The coastal city of Essaouira is famous for its coastal and fishing life. And most notably the famous blue boats!

The blue pays tribute to the nearby Mogador Island, where the color has been harvested from the Murex seas nail shell.

As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Essaouira is the city to unwind and enjoy the local lifestyle 

Red colors of Morocco

The red city of Morocco, Marrakech 

Marrakech is known as the red city because its pink-tinted buildings reflect the light like a rose quartz gem. 

Surrounded by a vast palm grove, the medina in Marrakech is called the “red city” because of its buildings and ramparts of beaten clay, which were built during the residence of the Almohads. The heart of the medina is Jamaa el-Fna square, a vibrant marketplace.

Here are beautiful posters of the city of Marrakech

Ksar ait Benhaddou

The ancient fortress of ait Benhaddou is famous for its unique architecture and is a Hollywood hotspot for films and series. With changing shades of red throughout the day, the ksar is enchanting with its red clay bricks and magical ambiance

Yellow colors of Morocco 

The Sahara desert

The never-ending yellow dunes of the Sahara and the amazing shades of yellow sand as the sun sets to compliment the calmness and enchantment of the Sahara Desert. Making it look like the perfect composition of yellow sharp shades and blue skies with camels added to it.

When wandering through the Sahara, this is how to do it like a native

White colors of Morocco

The white city,Casablanca 

As its name suggests Casablanca, known as the white city . Casablanca is the economical capital of morocco , filled with life as the most populous city of the county . And infamous with its Hassan II Mosque ,the largest mosque in africa and an iconic monument .

Here’s a beautiful illustration of Hassan II mosque:

Green colors of Morocco


The Atlas mountains 

The atlas's diverse terrain is dotted with Berber villages, canyons, waterfalls, and spectacular green valleys with snow-capped Jebel Toubkal its highest peak at 4,167m above sea level.

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