Our Moroccan Designers



The two sisters behind Jah are passionate about the Moroccan tradition and want to highlight the richness of Fes' know-how. It is through their simple and revisited slippers that they take us on a journey into the world of tanneries in Fez. Their slippers are handmade by craftsmen who are passionate about Fes and are accessorized in a craft workshop.


IDYR is the ethical Moroccan brand, which offers unique fashion and decoration accessories, carefully hand woven using the Boucherouite technique.  

Created in 2017, IDYR, which means living in the Berber language. IDYR vowed to offer a new life to tons of scraps of fabric destined for landfill, in the future to hundreds of craftswomen forgotten behind the rhythm of fast fashion, and to a culture less and less known, full of beautiful values and stories. 


Zey Fashion - Blousons, Bomber et Parka unisexe, tissu wax



Tired of not finding clothes she would want to wear every day, with bright colors, communicating a positive energy and above all referring to a story, the designer created Zey Fashion. A brand with a mix and match style, Zey Fashion is a ready-to-wear line that touches different cultures with a slightly more pronounced note for Made in Africa.


4. Maison Bagan



Inspired by her trips around the world, it is there, in the region of Myanmar with the sweet name of Bagan that the Maison Bagan project was inspired. It is in this region that has been a source of creation, but it is here, in the famous red city of Marrakech that Maison Bagan has come to life since 2017. From "imperfection is born beauty", we can sometimes read, and that's why Maison Bagan likes to work with wood. A natural material that she appreciates above all because it is long-lasting. Both robust and fragile, it reminds us of the duality of the nature around us. Alongside the raw and more traditional wood comes the modernity and infinite possibilities of other materials. Colourful, Convivial, the Art of Beauty and Functionality. This is what Maison Bagan is dedicated to inspiring. Through the patterns, and colors of each of our products, it is as much the influence of Bali, from Spain to Morocco, that will slip into your Home Sweet Home.


. Salman Artisanal


Salman Artisanal exhibits its traditional baskets revisited. A basket maker from father to son, it was with his wife that he decided to pursue the adventure of the basket with a more feminine touch. He creates baskets, bags, binders and kits that are then hand-embroidered.


The art of pottery is very popular in Morocco, tajines, ashtrays and other objects made from terracotta are an integral part of our Moroccan culture. The Label creates handmade pieces by passionate and passionate craftsmen who want to keep this art alive.