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More than a website, MyTindy is a family.....

This website was born from the desire to highlight Moroccan designers who produce their creations exclusively in Morocco. MyTindy met each of the designers featured on its website.

Selected for their know-how, originality and above all their passion, MyTindy's designers offer you unique or limited edition items.

Our mission is simple: to select for you unique pieces shaped by passionate craftsmen determined to make their art a means of expression specific to their universe.

The creators selected by MyTindy have different horizons and backgrounds.....

All Moroccan, they have however multiple influences... Love of manual work, inheritances, travels, meetings....

MyTindy is also the comfort of having designer items delivered to you within specific deadlines.

In addition, 10% of our profits are distributed to various associations in order to improve education in Morocco.

Embark with us in the MyTindy universe where you will be proud to wear, offer or exhibit items born from the hands of Moroccan designers. Creations born of various influences and which convey the love of sharing and make your purchase an experience full of surprises!

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