Elhora Jewels Maintenance Tips for Silver Jewelry

The jewels created by Elhora Jewels are made with love and need your love too!

All Elhoara Jewels creations are made of high quality Silver (Silver 925) and made to last. These jewels are not plated or treated. So you can wear them all the time. Yes! all the time: In the shower, at the pool, at the beach ...

However, to make their shine last as long as possible, we advise you to follow these instructions:

- Minimize contact with chemicals (perfumes, lotions, ...).
- Keep your jewelry in its Elhora Jewels pouch when not in use to avoid scratches.
- Do not stack several jewels in the same box to avoid scratching them.

If you notice that your jewellery is beginning to lose its shine, simply wash it with a toothbrush and a little Baking Soda.