Elhora Jewels applies authentic and artisanal techniques that result in better quality, a unique product and jewellery that tells a story. Lamaie - the founder - produces in Fez, Morocco, in her studio where all the magic happens.

Although it is a fairly structured process, since all her work is done by hand, the pieces are sometimes born out of spontaneous ideas when she works in her studio. Elhora Jewels works in a free and open way, to give free rein to her creativity, and to keep production dynamic and evolving.

1. Inspiration

Elhora Jewels is inspired by the duality of today's women and more specifically Moroccan women: fighting, strong, but free and feminine.

The beauty of metal work also inspires her. The strong and hard metal is also so fragile and delicate.

These opposing motions inspire Lamiae to create jewels with a characterful design but soft at the same time.

2. Ideation and prototyping

Lamia draws all her jewelry ideas on paper.

She creates the ones she prefers in metal or wax, before selecting the pieces that will be part of the collection.

From there, the first fragment of the jewel is born: the prototype.

3. The production

Once the prototype is finalized, for each piece of her collection, she adapts a different working technique to get the best result. Some pieces are entirely hand made from 925* Silver plates or wires and are worked piece by piece. On other pieces, she creates a silicone mould from the prototype, in which we cast molten silver to reproduce the raw shape of the jewel.

The silver piece is then chiselled, filed, soldered, textured, and forged before taking on the desired appearance of the jewel. All these steps are done by hand and in a traditional manner in our workshop in Fez.

4. The finishing touch

Lamiae now puts the finishing touches to each piece. Lamiae then cleans the part from scratches, soldering and working effects with different techniques and hand tools. Then she polishes it to give it a shiny (or matt) appearance,

Finally, the coin is put in a safe place, or directly in its pouch to send it to you.

*925 Silver (also called Sterling Silver) contains a minimum of 92.5% pure silver, supplemented by 7.5% other metals, most often copper. Since pure silver is not robust enough, it is this alloy of silver and copper that gives the material the robustness necessary to make our jewellery. It is therefore the best balance between "purity" and quality.

Photo Credits: Seif Kousmate