MyTindy’s first concept store! At the EBRD 2022 Annual Meeting and Business Forum

Mytindy's store at the EBRD 2022 Annual Meeting and Business Forum

Two years after holding the event virtually, the EBRD’s Annual Meeting and Business Forum is back in full force. This time holding the event in Marrakech under the theme ‘Responding to Challenges in a Turbulent World’ and we were lucky enough to be a part of it! So let us share our valuable experience with you!

Koutoubia mosque in Marrakech

The EBRD 2022 Annual Meeting and Business Forum

The 3-day event started on the 10th of May, brought together policymakers, government representatives, business people, opinion leaders, and academics to discuss the current global challenges like the war on Ukraine, and food security in times of crisis.

Being held in Morocco, this edition showcased the country as an ideal model for business, and its vision for inclusive and green development, providing an opportunity to highlight successful projects and expand cooperation.

“Holding our event in Morocco underlines the EBRD’s contribution to strengthening the country’s resilience and highlights its attractiveness as a business hub and first-class tourist destination.”, said Mr. Kazuhiko Koguchi, EBRD’s Sectary General.

Take a look inside MyTindy’s concept store

Mytindy's store at the EBRD 2022 Annual Meeting and Business Forum

As a part of the Moroccan pavilion, a space dedicated to promoting Moroccan handicraft and its workforce. We get a chance to showcase our products and artisanal goods.

We took this chance to highlight different types of handmade products of Morocco, including Moroccan jewelry, Moroccan pottery, Moroccan textile, Moroccan leather, local gourmet products, wall decor and natural cosmetics.

Moroccan dining decor and leather products

Having a physical store at the pavilion meant that we were able to discuss with our visitors about the products, their making process, the materials used directly. Giving us a chance to express our passion for Moroccan artisanal goods in person.

Here’s a closer look at our store!

Moroccan clothes, shoes, gourmet products, cosmetics...

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