4 Unique Moroccan items you should know about and how to use them

Moroccan colorful tagines

Morocco’s exquisite craftsmanship is a reflection of the country's culture and traditions. We have some unique items we use in everyday life that may pique your interest. In this blog, we will tell you about some of these items that you should know about and how we use them.

The Mrecha:

The Mrecha is a Moroccan perfume sprinkler we used to welcome guests during special occasions like weddings or religious celebrations. It’s usually filled with orange blossom water, but it can also be filled with any other type of fragrance.

This traditional artisanal piece can also be used as a decor item to give a Moroccan touch to your interior.

The Tagine:

Moroccan tagine

Apart from couscous, Moroccan tagines has to be one of our most familiar and well known dishes. Except “tagine” is not only the name of your favorite Moroccan dish but also the name of the clay pot in which it is cooked.

With its unique dome or cone-shaped cover that sits on the wide base, the tagine is the perfect pot for a perfectly tender and juicy dish. Its unusual lid allows the spiced steam to rise into the cone, condense down, and steam up again, making the perfect moist environment to soak up the ingredients in the flavors of the spices, making them savory and completely tender. This way, your favorite tagine dishes don’t need a lot of liquids (if any) in the first place and are perfect for slow and low-heat cooking.

The tagine lid also has a little hole that allows the excess steam to escape through it.


The Kiis (exfoliating glove):

A woman exfoliating her skin in the shower with a Moroccan Kiis, kessa, or exfoliating glove

The Kiis, Kessa, or the Moroccan exfoliating glove is a body glove made with crepe fabric used in the Moroccan Hammam rituals to exfoliate the surface layer of dead skin. This exfoliating mitt guarantees smoother skin.

For better results, it’s more beneficial to use it after prepping your skin with Moroccan Beldi soap and rinsing it with warm water to open up the pores.

Beldi soap:

Moroccan black soap or Beldi soap

Beldi soap or the Moroccan black soap (not to be confused with the African black soap) is a paste-like, dark-colored soap made of olive oil, olive paste, and potash. It’s a gentle cleanser that removes toxins while moisturizing the skin and preparing it for exfoliation. It helps the dead skin to peel easier with the exfoliating glove without causing irritation.

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