Moroccan Home Decor

Discover our Moroccan Home Decor selection, an artisanal set of decorative items and handy storing products.

 Inspired by the ancestral craft of Morocco, our home decoration products are exceptional creations hand-crafted by selected Moroccan artisans.

 We offer a wide range of creative and original handmade goods for decoration and storage that will help you experience the Moroccan masterly skill and beautiful art.

Nested Set of 3 Trays with Moroccan Zellige MyTindy
from €65.99 €89.99
Coaster Tray with Moroccan Zellige Pattern MyTindy
2 items left
Arabesque Serving Tray with Coasters MyTindy
1 item left
Star Shaped Duo Serving Tray MyTindy
Moroccan Wicker Placemats with Tassels The Label
Set of 2 Serving Trays Hand Shaped HAMSA MyTindy
1 item left
Large Terracotta Moroccan Ashtray AZUR The Label
2 items left

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