Manue has had a passion for seeing rare and precious objects come to life under her fingers since childhood. Curious to discover materials and techniques, she accumulates the most diverse experiences: sculpture and engraving, weaving and binding, molding and pottery.

    After training with trunk makers, she moved to the leisure world in the south of France. During a first stay in Agadir, in contact with Moroccan crafts, she rediscovers the desire to create and learns to combine European know-how with local traditions... when her taste for travel takes her to Madagascar.

    There she transformed old trunks forgotten from the Croisière Noire, it was the expedition led by André Citroën, from Colomb Béchar to Madagascar that made Louis Vuitton enter the legend. She restored the rosewood and leather interiors and in turn happily created original trunks.

    From Mada to Morocco, Manue has traveled the route of the Black Cruise in reverse. With trunks and luggage, Manue's workshop reopened its doors in Agadir in January 2015.

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