EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE HAMSA HAND (and our selection of Hamsa objects)

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What does Hamsa mean and what does it symbolize?

Hamsa (also written as khamsa or khmissa) means “five” in Arabic. It is shaped as a symmetrical hand with two thumbs pointing in opposite directions and an eye in the middle of the palm.

It is commonly used in jewelry in North African and Middle Eastern countries as a sign of protection from the “evil eye”. Thus, the Moroccan popular saying “khamsa fi ainek “(“five [fingers] in your eye”) that is meant to ward off the malicious stare that can cause illness, unluckiness, or just general negativity.

What’s the origin of Hamsa?

You might ask yourself “Where does Hamsa come from?”. The Hamsa Hand has been used as a sign of protection in different cultures throughout history.

In Islam, Hamsa is also called the “Hand of Fatima" referencing the Prophet Muhammad’s daughter.

Hand of Fatima; Khamsa; hamsa hand   Hamsa is also named “Hand of Mary” referencing Mother Mary. In this context, it can be used to invoke her protection.

In Judaism, Hamsa is called “Hand of Miriam” referencing Miriam the sister of Moses and Aaron.

hand of Miriam; Khamsa; hamsa hand

What direction should hamsa face?

Khamsa or Hamsa hand facing up and down

Is the hamsa supposed to be up or down? Both options are valid. Though, it is important to note that the Hamsa hand meaning changes depending on the direction it faces.

When the hamsa hand is facing up it is meant to protect the person from the evil eye. When it faces down it symbolizes blessings. It’s as if you are welcoming an abundance of goodness into your life.

How can you add the Hamsa Hand to your Dining Décor?

As we mentioned before, the Hamsa Hand is usually used in Moroccan jewelry. But what if we spice it up a little bit and use it in our dining items?

At MyTindy, you can get beautiful and unique Hamsa-shaped dining decors such as a tray for your breakfast, a coaster for your hot dishes, an appetizer plate, or even a napkin with a Hamsa symbol.

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