Women wearing Moroccan clothes

Moroccan clothes have a long and rich history of dress that is reflected in the wide array of colorful clothing. They are an expression of the unique character and culture of Morocco. Highly valued for their beauty, sophistication, and elegance, Moroccan clothes are mostly worn during special occasions such as Ramadan, Eid, and weddings… to feel, and look special during that day!

Morocco has a rich cultural heritage which blended many different aspects of African and Arab civilization to create its unique tradition. The clothing presented in this mosaic was traditionally worn by both men and women in Morocco. A wide variety of different garments includes Djellaba, Caftan, Takchita & Moroccan slippers for women and “Gandoura”, “Djellaba” & slippers for men. Each of them is made with very high care and the embroidery of several kinds includes beads, sequins, some gold or silver threads, wool strands, cowrie shells and other objects to beautify the Moroccan traditional Clothes.

If you are interested in knowing the different types of Moroccan clothes, then keep reading till the end!


Moroccan Djellaba for women

Woman wearing a Moroccan Djellaba

Djellaba, the traditional Moroccan gown consists of a long loose-fitting, ankle length cloth. These garments are comfortable, elegant, and exude pride. They are worn as traditional dress for special events, gatherings or as a daily outfit.

Not only is the Moroccan Djellaba an absolute masterpiece of Moroccan tradition and craftsmanship and one of the preferable Moroccan clothes. It is also a fashionable and gorgeous addition to any women’s closet, and we can help you with that!

Moroccan Caftan

Women wearing a Moroccan Kaftan

Moroccan caftan has been known and worn for hundreds of years as the most valuable social Moroccan dress of all time. It’s among the best handmade Moroccan Clothes. We can describe the Caftan as the embroidered dresses that women wear in happy events like engagements, marriage, Eid Al-Fitr or Eid Al-adha…

No wardrobe is complete without a Moroccan Caftan, cherish yourself one and enjoy how gorgeous you’ll look in it.

Moroccan Takchita

Women wearing a Moroccan Takchita

The luxurious Takchita is a wedding dress characterized by its generous cut, gentle draping, and ornate design. Worn as a part of festive outfits, it is handmade in the tradition by Moroccan artisans. Displayed as an art object due to its elegance, this is a piece of culture and social status for Morocco. The Takchita is the Moroccan clothes that represents a symbol of pride and dignity for Moroccan women.

The Takchita is Morocco Preferred dress for Moroccan women at weddings. Traditionally, it is made of two pieces:

  • Tahtia which is a caftan
  • Foukia ou Dfina which is a transparent and open caftan

If you want to look like an arab princess, you surely need one of these outstanding moroccan wedding dresses!

Moroccan Slippers (Belgha)

Moroccan slippers or Belgha for women

Moroccan Babouche is a traditional flat, they start with a piece of leather cut to shape and then stitched onto a sole. A long strip of leather is next wrapped around the foot and stitched into place, forming the divide between the top and bottom parts. The last detail is a fringed or knotted tassel hanging from the toe or a traditional handmade ornate design.

For women, the Moroccan slippers are mostly worn in special occasions, or to accompany the djellaba, Caftan or even the Moroccan wedding dress (Takchita). Take a look at our Moroccan Babouche collection to find the perfect pair that will fit with your Moroccan clothes wardrobe.


Moroccan Djellaba for men

A man wearing a Moroccan djellaba

Djellaba for men is a traditional and classic long-sleeve tunic that provides an authentic look suitable for any festive occasion. It can be worn by men on very special occasions such as Eid or for Friday prayer in mosques. It’s a favorite among men when it comes to Moroccan clothes and it really gives a very charming and elegant style.

Moroccan slippers for men

A man wearing a Moroccan djellaba

Moroccan Slippers for Men have been known for their comfort and style. They are comfortable and stylish and fit in with any outfit or situation. They are made from high quality leather so they are both hard-wearing and comfortable making them a shoe that can be worn all year round for everyday use, not just worn in the house.

When buying Moroccan slippers, you want to opt for something that is going to be comfortable and natural. Moroccan lamb's wool is an ideal material as it feels good on your feet when walking, breathing well into your feet keeping them cool during hot weather.

For men, Moroccan Babouche are a must have and it can be worn any time of the day and any day of the week. It’s a go-to of all time! The good news is that we have a very wide selection of Moroccan slippers for man that you can choose from for yourself or as gift to someone (We promise, that’s the best gift a man can get).

Moroccan Traditional Hat (Tarboosh)

Moroccan traditional Hats or tarboosh

The Moroccan Traditional Hat is called in Morocco “Tarboosh” has a second name “The Fez” referring to the Moroccan city of Fez, the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco until 1927. This hat has a cylindrical shape, and usually in red color with a tassel attached to the top.

The “Tarboosh” is a very essential item for people from fez. The Moroccan clothes wardrobe can never be complete without this accessory.

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