Moroccan weddings

Have you ever been to a Moroccan wedding? If not, well let me tell you about it because it’s quite different.

The Moroccan wedding is a very special day for the couple and the family. It’s called “The best night in life” or ”ليلة العمر” and it needs a long time to prepare and be ready for. However, while this day marks the union of two hearts, traditions steal the limelight of this special occasion.

The Moroccan wedding traditions and customs are rich and show the uniqueness of Moroccan culture. From the henna ceremonies to the wedding day, everything is organized in a very unique way that involves many different cultural facets of Morocco.

The least we can say about a Moroccan wedding is DREAMY. It’s the night where royalty and romance combine to give birth to such a magnificent wedding day.

Moroccan weddings are a whole experience itself. And if you are interested in knowing more about it, keep reading because I’ll tell you what’s the Moroccan wedding is like!!


Bridal Hammam ritual

Moroccan bridal hammam ritual

As a marriage custom that survives to date, many of the young women and girls still celebrate this day following the Moroccan traditions.

On the day of Bridal Hammam, the bride must be accompanied by young unmarried women from her family to go to a Hammam (a vast steam room) that is most of the time prepared specially for her and her bridesmaids.

The Moroccan wedding Hammam starts with a milk bath for the bride followed by multiple masks and bodies massage. As for local customs, ceremonies in different regions are slightly different. But in general, this ritual aims to purify the young woman and to prepare her marriage.

The bridesmaids that accompany the young lady in the bath carry lighted candles, hard-boiled eggs, and henna, all of which are in the Turkish bath with songs and your singing.

Moroccan wedding Henna ceremony

Moroccan wedding Henna ceremony

The henna party takes place the day before the wedding. The bride-to-be, wearing her Moroccan Green Caftan, meets with relatives and friends to discuss the new marriage life. Older married women pass words of wisdom to the bride and prepare for the wedding night. Henna is applied to the bride's hands and feet, marking her journey from childhood to femininity. Some brides like to include the groom's name in the design.

The wedding day

Moroccan wedding

After the day of Henna comes the day of the big ceremony: The wedding day.

The ceremony starts around 20 pm and the family of the bride and the groom start welcoming the guests in their very elegant Moroccan traditional clothes and jewelry.

Once they take place, the guests are served Moroccan tea and sweets while waiting for the bride and the groom’s charming entrance. Then the newlyweds each dressed in “Amariya” made their debut at the Wedding hall.

After that, the guests and everyone can have fun and enjoy Moroccan Wedding Music, dance, and taste delightful Moroccan dinner and pastry.


For Women

When it comes to Moroccan weddings, Women have a very wide choice of clothes they can put on. Generally, Moroccan women prefer to wear the best Moroccan dress they have because a special ceremony like this requires a special outfit.

Moroccan Kaftan:

The Moroccan Kaftan is the embroidered dress that women wear in happy events like engagements, marriage, Eid Al-Fitr, or Eid Al-Adha… It’s a dress that has been known and worn for hundreds of years as the most valuable social Moroccan dress of all time. No wardrobe is complete without a Moroccan Caftan, cherish yourself and enjoy how gorgeous you’ll look in it.

Moroccan Takchita (Wedding Dress):

The Takchita is the Moroccan clothes that represent a symbol of pride and dignity for Moroccan women. It is also known to be called the Moroccan wedding dress. It is a handmade two-piece traditional dress characterized by its generous cut, gentle draping, and ornate design.

Displayed as an art object due to its elegance, this is a piece of culture and social status for Morocco. The Takchita is Morocco’s Preferred dress for Moroccan women at weddings.

If you want to look like an Arab princess, you surely need one of these outstanding Moroccan wedding dresses!


The Gandoura is a very lightweight dress and it’s the go-to simple and most affordable Moroccan traditional clothes and it looks chic and elegant effortlessly.

The very first thing that catches your attention when you see a Moroccan woman wearing her Gandoura is the beautiful color pattern of these clothes. It has no buttons or clasps, and this keeps it simple and elegant.

For Men

At Moroccan weddings, men can choose to wear either classy (a wedding suit) or Moroccan traditional clothes where they generally have two choices:

Moroccan two-pieces Djellaba:

A man wearing a Moroccan djellaba

Djellaba for men is a traditional and classic long-sleeve tunic made of two pieces that provide an authentic look suitable for any festive occasion especially weddings. It’s a favorite among men when it comes to Moroccan clothes and it really gives a very charming and elegant style.

Moroccan Gandoura:

Men Gandoura is simple handmade lightweight traditional clothes and it’s very simple yet elegant. There are two kinds of Men Gandoura:

  • Long Gandoura: It’s similar to djellaba but with fewer details and simpler.
  • Two pieces Gandoura: It’s a top and bottom pants generally made of the same fabric. It’s the best combo for comfy and elegant.


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