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Hello Summer, and welcome to the most unwanted guest – Oily skin! This is the time of year when many people try to find the best way to get rid of their oily skin.

Chances are, your skin is oilier this summer than it would be normally. The sun is scorching, the heat can be debilitating, and the sweat threatens to seep through your pores and sheen up your day. Even though we are mostly enjoying these warm months with beautiful sunny weather, we are at war with our oil glands on a daily basis.

But not all hope is lost; with this blog we will show you how to make peace with oily skin in summer.

All the tips you find below are given based on our research and understanding of oily skin. Always check with your dermatologist before adding new products to your skincare.

Tip 1: ALWAYS cleanse properly before sleep

The most important step in your skincare is the cleansing process. This is the first step that helps you reset your skin. A clean face means that your pores will be less clogged, and therefore able to breathe easier. You can use a natural soap such as Green Clay & Green Tea Soap or a facial scrub, such as the blossom face scrub.

Tip 2: Moisturize and Hydrate

Moisturizing oily skin is very important. Being oily and greasy is not attractive and it can also cause premature wrinkles which could bother you in the future. You may find it challenging to know what to choose so that your skin feels smooth as well as hydrated.

The oilier skin neglects hydration, the more it will have dilated pores and excess sebum. To prevent that, give yourself a face massage with very few drops of the Rose oil.

Tip 3: Stay Makeup-free as much as you can

Staying makeup-free as much as possible is the best skincare advice we can give you. If you like to wear makeup, make sure to clean yourself before sleep. It helps the skin breath which makes it healthier. Use a makeup remover to help get rid of all the makeup and if you prefer an organic and natural product you can use the Makeup Remover Liniment from Odarym.

Tip 4: Refresh your skin more often

The easiest way to refresh the skin is to use a water mist. You can spray it on your face to give your skin a pleasant and cooling sensation, especially after outdoor activities on a sunny day. Enjoy a few sprays of Distilled Rose Water from Oraman for a better fresh-looking skin.

Tip 5: Rest your skin with a clay face mask

You can have a beautiful complexion and healthy glow without spending a fortune. You just need to learn how important a clay face mask is.

Rest your skin by applying a clay face mask on your skin. It has been used for centuries to treat acne and oily skin. Clay is an excellent ingredient to put on oily skin because it absorbs excess oil, holds moisture, and provides minerals that cleanse out pores.

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