Fragin' Scents

Moroccan Scented Candles (Available in 6 Fragrances)

Discover Fragin' Scent Moroccan Scented Candles Available in 6 signature fragrances. 

Burning time: 40 hours

Each fragrance to be diffused comes with 5 sticks

Available in 6 signature scents and 3 sizes: 100ml, 250ml and 500ml

  • The Oriental: A sweet accord of cinnamon, Indian wood, Atlas cedar, amber sublimated by gourmet notes
  • Oriental Garden: Magical floral and citrus accord combining the soothing scent of orange blossom and the freshness of citrus fruits...
  • Freshness from Asia: A blend of fresh and sparkling notes of citrus fruits, flowers, balsam, white musk, and green tea.
  • Oasis Flower: Harmony of sweet sweetness and oriental spices combined with the fruity and sweet notes of prickly pear.
  • Sap from the Atlas Mountains: A majestic combination of wood species, spices and orange blossoms from Marrakech.
  • Desert Mirage: A sweet blend of oriental spices, Moroccan flowers and gourmet notes of vanilla from Madagascar



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