Morroccain Vintage Rug
Morroccain Vintage Rug
Morroccain Vintage Rug
Morroccain Vintage Rug
Morroccain Vintage Rug
Morroccain Vintage Rug

Morroccain Vintage Rug

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The most beautiful carpet Moroccan rug handmade 100 % Wool

Size: 275 × 150 cm / 9 x 5 ft

About this rug

Amazigh rugs, or Berber carpets, as the Arabs call them, is a kind of textile that is famous for the North African region of old and recent times.

In Morocco, it is called Hanbal. In Algeria, it is called the Kabylie, relative to the Amazigh tribes. A number of researchers have pointed out that symbols and forms used in the Amazigh rite are inherited from prehistoric civilizations.

The textile industry is one of the oldest craftsmanship that Amazigh women skillfully train and teach to their daughters. They can also be easily identified.

They are decorated with animal motifs, simple geometric forms, and radiant colors such as red, orange, and yellow.

Amazigh women kept the old techniques in the Amazigh carpet industry, but with some development, it is reflected in speed first and the formation of many colors in a short time.

The same process was taking longer in the past. Women use natural wool for their embroidery, and wool and yarn are combed with traditional tools.

The colors are natural, where tree trunks, grass leaves, pomegranate scales, and types of minerals are used.

The wool threads are immersed in boiling colored water, left for a while and then pulled out of the water and left to dry under the sun before starting to use the carpet on the manual weave, which requires extreme accuracy in its position so that the decoration is evenly woven 

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