MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL-Inka Botanicals-MyTindy
MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL-Inka Botanicals-MyTindy


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Indigenous to the forests of Southern Morocco, Argan oil is particularly rich in Vitamin E (150% more than olive oil on average!) and essential fatty acids which are paramount for healthy hair, skin and nails.

This multitasking oil is deeply nourishing and moisturising, all while having a light consistency. It is ideal for multiple uses, a few of our favourite applications: 

Hair: Pre-blowdry, on damp hair, apply a couple of drop on mid-lengths and ends to nourish, protect and maximise shine. Can also be used as a luxurious pre-wash treatment by letting soak in for a couple of hours prior to washing, for retouching throughout the day, or as a leave-in conditioner/hair serum. 

Skin & Nails: apply a few drops to cleansed skin and nails for deep nourishment, moisture and anti-aging properties. 

INCI: 100% Argania spinosa kernel oil

Inka's products are all inspired by ancient beauty traditions native to the region. Combining years of scientific research with Aromatherapy, it gives you Morocco's best-kept beauty secrets, in an elevated and therapeutic skincare range that does wonders for both the skin and the mind.

The Quality of Inka's skincare is manifested in formulations that are almost 100% active ingredients. Resulting in formulas that are pure, highly concentrated, and effective.

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