Gooza Brass Tray
Gooza Brass Tray
Gooza Brass Tray

Gooza Brass Tray

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GOOZA: The name Gooza translates as walnut. Walnuts are a very significant part of the holy month of Ramadan in Islamic tradition. On the 27th of Ramadan, Laylat al-Qadr or the Night of Destiny is believed to be the night when the Koran was first sent down from Heaven to the world and also the night when the first verses of the Koran were revealed to the Prophet Mohammed. In the same day, Moroccans like to crack a walnut and spend the evening doing so. 

New Moroccan Handmade Brass Tray

Handmade by the El Fasiki Family in Fez

Great for serving or as a decorative tray

Flat surface 

Product Details

  • 100% Handmade Brass Tray
  • Hand Hammered
  • Stamped and Chiseled

Fair Trade

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