ATLAS GARDEN Night oil-Inka Botanicals-MyTindy
ATLAS GARDEN Night oil-Inka Botanicals-MyTindy


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Lightweight and invigorating, pamper mature and dry skin with this precious blend. Packed with cell-regenerating ingredients that help tone the epidermis and activate the cellular reparative process, this oil helps combats signs of ageing. Naturally scented with a rich yet delicate intoxicating mix of aromas, each application will ease you into gentle sleep, resulting in a youthful, glowing skin the next morning.

Suitable for All skin types. 
Ideal for Dry and Mature skin. 

On clean, damp skin, gently massage 2-3 drops over the entire face and neck.



Native to Morocco, the oil of the Argan tree carries a distinctive yet deep scent and is equally rich in its range of benefits. Remarkably concentrated in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it helps to regenerate and restructure the skin. Full of antioxidants, which promote skin elasticity, this non-greasy oil keeps your face looking young without ever clogging your pores.


A precious essential oil, neroli oil has regenerative powers that tone the epidermis and cellular tissue, preventing signs of aging. Holistic and high-quality, this ingredient emits a hint of honeyed, sometimes spicy citrus that you can trace back to fields of bitter orange trees.

INCI: Argania spinosa kernerl oil, Citrus aurantium flower oil, Boswelia carterii extract, Linalool*, Limonene*, Farnesol*. *Naturally occurring in essential oils

100% Natural & Organic

30 ml/1oz

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