Toyo Bracelet-Elhora Jewels-MyTindy
Toyo Bracelet-Elhora Jewels-MyTindy

Bracelet Toyo

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Bracelet en argent sterling 925 avec cinq petites perles blanches à la suite


  • Argent 925
  • Perles : Perles blanches d'eau douce
  • Il est livré dans sa pochette et sa boîte Elhora Jewels.

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Lamiae Skalli has always been driven by intuition, and her work is deeply shaped by it. The pieces she makes carry her personal feelings and emotions of the creative moment. Every piece is unique and bears the marks of her own hands, her signature.

Elhora Jewels is a Moroccan jewelry brand based in Tangier and stands somewhere between fine jewelry and art jewelry. Behind the label is the designer and maker Lamiae Skalli.

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