Moroccan sayings

It’s very interesting how each country has a number of sayings that only the citizens know the real meaning behind it. Here in Morocco, we have plenty and if you had a chance to be around elderly people you will understand what I’m talking about.

Generally, proverbs are old sayings and stemming from life experiences that some lived. and as the days go by, people begin to repeat this proverb full of wisdom if they are going through the same experience or a similar situation to it.

Every saying has a very deep and wise meaning behind it. Some sound funny, some sound serious, and some you won’t get them the first time you hear them that’s why, in this blog, I will be sharing with you many famous Moroccan proverbs and sayings and their meanings.

“خوك خوك لا يغرك الطمع”

Translation: Your brother, your brother, do not be deceived by greed.

Meaning: A person should hold on to the bonds of brotherhood and not be deceived by greed and the charms of the world, and he is as you say, your brother is your brother.

"شوف الزين منين يفيق من نعاسه قبل ما يغسل وجه ويمشط رأسه”

Translation: See the beauty when she wakes up from her sleep before she washes her face and combs her hair.

Meaning: If you want to see how beautiful a woman is you should see her right after she wakes up and before doing anything.

“ضرب الحديد ما حدو سخون”

Translation: Hit the iron while it’s still hot.

Meaning: You should hurry and seize opportunities while you can.

“اللسان مافيه عضم”

Translation: The tongue has no bones.

Meaning: This proverb expresses the importance of thinking about words before speaking them so as not to cause harm to others.

“يديها يدين الذهب”

Translation: Her hands hold gold.

Meaning: This proverb describes a working woman who enjoys a great deal and can prove herself with her creative ideas and actions.

“لا زربة على الاصلاح ”

Translation: No rush to fix.

Meaning: Don't be in a hurry when you fix things. but do it slowly and gradually.

“كون كان الخوخ يداوي.. كون داوا راسو”

Translation: If the peaches were a remedy, they would heal themselves first.

Meaning: It’s about the one who claims that he can solve other people's problems... when in reality he was not even able to solve his own.

“ المندبة كبيرة.. والميت فار”

Translation: The solace is huge.. and the dead is a mouse.

Meaning: It’s said when there is a big problem or conflict, and the reason is trivial.

“ الناس في الناس.. والقرع في مشيط الراس”

Translation: People with people.. and the bold is combing his hair.

Meaning: People are preoccupied with an important matter.. and the bold is busy combing his hair.. that is, describing an individual who does not know what is going on around him.. and he is busy with something that is useless.

“ مي.. اجي نوريك دار خوالي”

Translation: Come with me mom, I want to show you my uncle’s house.

Meaning: It’s said to someone who wants to tell another person something that he is supposed to know more about.

“ السلطان بالتاج.. و كيحتاج.”

Translation: The sultan with the crown... and a need.

Meaning: The point is that a person needs others, no matter how he claims that he does not need anyone.

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