Moroccan rugs

Moroccan rugs are distinctive and instantly recognizable. These beautiful hand-made rugs are both elegant and unique, with each pattern telling a different story through their intricate design. Moroccan rugs have been part of the country’s heritage for centuries, dating back to the 16th century when tribe weavers first started creating their beautiful rugs as a result of their nomadic lifestyle. As they were divided into tribes; each carpet took the name of their tribe of origin, with its own style, colors, symbols and stories. Today these exotic rugs are more popular than ever.

If you’re a carpet enthusiast and you love to learn about its history and origins. Keep reading and we will tell you all what you need to know about types of Moroccan handmade rugs.

BENI OURAIN RUGS: Rif Mountains near Taza

Moroccan Beni ourain rug

The Beni Ouarain or “king rugs” have been gracing the floors of Amazigh homes in the North of Morocco since the 17th century. Today, they are still woven by the same tribes in this region in the heart of the Middle Atlas Mountains. It is a very thick and very chic rug; hand knotted using traditional flat-weaving techniques and natural dyes only.

The Beni-ouarain rug stands out with its imposing, complex compositions and multiple patterns. They are considered a masterpiece of the Amazigh artisans who live in the eastern region of Morocco. These distinctive symbols include Talisman symbols, abstract geometric design and any symbols associated with the Amazigh tribe. These stunning rugs are truly unique and can be used to grace any flooring.

AZILAL MOROCCAN RUG: Beni Mellal-Khenifra

A very colorful, shimmering and bright carpet originally from the province of Azilal in Tadla in the region of Beni Mellal. These beautiful creations are single-knotted, and woven in wool with intricate patterns and symbolism. The touches of color are representative of the season in which the rug is woven.

Azilal rugs are pieces of art in which every rural woman in the Azilal region tells her story. Each rug is an intimate testimony that symbolizes the weaver’s identity and family heritage and NO TWO ARE THE SAME.


Moroccan Boucherouite rug

Teeming with intricate, rich color, the Boucherouite Moroccan Rug delivers a real wow factor of charm. It is a rug originally created by modest families established in rural areas of Morocco who were not always able to afford wool. Using a new form of knot made with strips of recycled and salvaged fabrics, they have given birth to this extravagant carpet! The result is surprising, spontaneous and poetic.

Today Boucherouite rug is an integral part of the popular art of Moroccan weaving.

KILIM MOROCCAN RUGS: The Middle Atlas Mountains

Kilim rug

Kilim means a carpet without velvet as it is embroidered instead of being knotted. Originally from the Zemmour and Boujaad regions of the Middle Atlas, the Amazigh Kilim Rugs are handmade pieces associated with the art of weaving, embroidery, but also nomadic Amazigh art. The embroidery patterns emanate from meanings and tattoos specific to each tribe and each family which makes it unique.

Kilims can be made of wool or silk and the colors may vary according to regions. These thinner rugs lend themselves to hotter climes, and can be used to create a carpet that fills an entire room’s floor space.

BENI MGUILD MOROCCAN RUGS: The Central Portion Of The Middle Atlas

Beni Mguild Moroccan rug

Beni Mguild rugs are made in the Western Middle Atlas Mountains. Due to the harsh winter climate in this region the rugs are made of thick, deep pile wool. During the summer months it is common for Amazighs to flip them to use their flat side when the summer heat is enough to warm the houses.

Beni Mguild Moroccan Rugs are bright-colored carpets that come from the vertical knots on the loom. Their color theme has beautiful hues of reds, purples, browns, and blues. These masterpieces are perfect to brighten up and warm your space.

BOUJAD MOROCCAN RUG: Khouribga Province

The Boujad carpet is an Amazigh carpet which is characterized by a surprising combination of raw materials and a composition generally displaying bright and vibrant colors. This particular set of unusual elements challenges the traditional dogma of harmony and balance.

Looking more closely at the way the Boujad rug is designed, we can distinguish two types of art that come together: mystical primitive art and modern art.

Boujad Moroccan rug

Moroccan rugs have been prized for their beauty and intrinsic elegance for many centuries. Known as some of the finest rugs due to their intricate patterns, beautiful color palettes, and silky soft texture, they are not only exquisite works of art but are also made to last. When you purchase a Moroccan rug, it symbolizes a sense of history, adventure, culture, honor and beauty.

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