Fun activities to do at home during confinement

Activities to do at home

To make your stay at home as enjoyable as possible, we’ve rounded up the best 10 things to do while you’re stranded at home, all courtesy of Stay safe out there!

1.Binge on your favorite TV show

There’s nothing like quarantine to indulge in a small TV binge – after all, it’s not as if you can do much else. Luckily enough, the amount of good TV out there will most definitely take a few weeks to get through.

2.Go on a virtual trip around your country

Unfortunately, this whole quarantine business means that traveling isn’t really on the cards right now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the beauty that the world has to offer – just check out the videos we’ve compiled highlighting all of the most gorgeous places to visit around the world and keep them in mind for when you can travel freely once again.

3.Read a good book

Unplug the TV, hide the remote and get back to basics: get out a good book and lose yourself in fabulous fiction published by Israeli authors. Not only will time simply fly by, but you’ll get to sound oh-so-superior when you’re asked how you whiled away your time at home.

How Bill Gates reads books:

Top 10 best-selling books in history:

4.Cook up some of your favorite local food

Unless you plan to live on takeout for the next couple of weeks, now's the time to brush up on your cooking skills. Work your way through our easy-to-follow recipe book for a range of delicious dishes. Salad is probably the most basic one on the list, but you can try show-stoppers like hummus or a Moroccan meatball tagine. And don't worry if things don’t come out exactly as you'd hoped - after all, you'll be the only one to notice.

Chicken Tajine recipes:

5.Catch a movie

If you’re dining solo this quarantine season, we suggest making an evening out of it and enjoying a good movie with your homemade cakes.

Top 10 classic movies:

6.Indulge in some spa time

There’s nothing a little spa time can’t help, global plague included. Decide what creams, oils or soaps are in order and proceed to abundantly schemer yourself all over.

Spend at least an hour indulging yourself in the joys of bathing. You’ll emerge from the bathroom feeling much better. Or at least shinier.

Moroccan skincare

Here's an article we created about Moroccan Beauty Secrets, and if you want to treat yourself to a relaxing spa at home, here is the ultimate Moroccan Hammam ritual guide for you.

7.Play a board game

Usually the reserve of rainy Saturdays or long holiday breaks, box games also work a treat in times of corona. Rummage around your cupboards and pull out a few classics – all wonderful. Just remember not to be a sore loser, since you can’t really storm out of the room.

The surprising history behind the board game “monopoly”:

8.Have a Costume Night

Generally, the only time we can get away with putting on costumes is on Halloween. It is so entertaining to put on a costume and play.

Host an evening where everyone has to dress up in a costume. Eat your dinner that evening all dressed up. Play games and just have a party. You can even make it a “themed” costume party by choosing a time era or movie characters. Shape it to meet your interests.

Great DIY dressing up ideas:

9.Throw an Indoor Picnic

Set out a picnic blanket and basket of food and eat your dinner as though you were having a picnic. Just having variety in your family life brings you closer together as a family unit. Events like this are often the catalyst for a fun-filled evening.

Romantic dinner ideas:

10.Host an International Dinner Night

As a family, pick out a country you would like to learn more about and are interested in. Find cuisine that is unique to that country. Prepare a dinner that would be served in that country. The family can even find clothing that is worn in the country and wear it to dinner. Each family member would be responsible to bring one fact about the country to share at dinner time. For example, you could choose Mexico. You could serve tacos, enchiladas, and arroz con pollo. Everyone could wear sombreros to dinner. Plan for an evening of creative learning time!

International dinner

11.Learn to Do Nail Art

Nail art is the “in” thing right now. You see people with their fancy nails everywhere. With some patience, you can learn to do this at home. Spend time practicing this. You can find kits and tools for this at department stores and drug stores. It is relaxing to sit around painting nails and compare the outcomes.

Amazing designs everyone can make:

12.Plant Seedlings

Planting seedlings and watching their growth is rewarding, as well as educational. You would need to do a bit of research as to what would be the best time to plant. The time frame fluctuates between various types of plants. Most plants take 3-15 weeks to mature to a level to be transplanted into a garden. You would want to know what type of plants you are planting and the time needed. It brings great joy to watch them develop and bloom once they are transplanted into a garden.

Plants in Moroccan vases

13. Have a Karaoke Night

Plan an evening of karaoke. This is a great way to spend family time together. PlayStation and Wii have several options to pick from. From experience, this is an evening of lots of laughter and joy! Everyone loves to sing…even those who might not have a singing voice like to bust out at karaoke.

14. Make Jewelry

Learning to make jewelry isn’t that difficult. You can find many links on the internet that will teach you how to make earrings and necklaces.

Visit your local craft store or department store and purchase some tools and supplies. Take your time and visualize what you want the finished product to look like. The jewelry you make can also be presented to give away. That is, of course, if you can bear to part with what you made.

Make sure to check out Elhora Jewels on our website, she teaches how to make simple silver rings!

Moroccan jewelry

15. Learn Calligraphy

Learning a new technique is always interesting. Calligraphy is a well-known type of writing with special pens. Craft stores and department stores have kits designed to assist you in the learning process. Write out poetry or some of your favorite quotes. You never know, you might acquire talent and be able to frame some of your work.

Arab calligraphy art

16. Make a Family Scrapbook

Choose an assortment of family pictures taken during different events. Compile these photos into groups and begin to make a scrapbook. Perhaps you want to focus on a special trip your family took or another meaningful event you wish to document. The ideas for creating your family scrapbook are endless. Personalize this and make it your own; after all, this is your story!

Family Scrapbook

I hope that out of this list you will find some new things that you want to try at home. We have already done most of the things on this list, and we look forward to doing the few that are left. Have fun and make some unique family memories that will be remembered for years to come.

We hope you enjoyed this list and that you will try some of the activities we listed! Let us know in the comments what you'd like to try and if we forgot to mention one activity, let us know in the comments!

Be safe and #stayathome

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