Moroccan blankets

The Moroccan blanket is a timeless symbol of culture, wisdom and tradition. Made with passion, patience and love by women of the tribes of Morocco, these traditional hand-woven blankets have been prized since ancient times.

The process of making a Moroccan blanket is indeed a fascinating one. One needs to use their artistic skill when weaving these blankets and need to be very careful to preserve their originality.

The craft of handmade Moroccan blankets is unique and interesting. Keep on reading to learn about these marvelous Moroccan Handmade blankets.


The beauty of Moroccan blankets and textiles is undeniable, but the process of making them has not yet received proper recognition. The craftsmanship behind the famous Moroccan blankets is unlike any other – both in terms of intricacy and ancient ingenuity.

The process of weaving a traditional Moroccan rug is much more complex than just hitting the “On” button on the machine. The process actually takes years of practice to master, which is why it’s rare to see this kind of craftsmanship being done in the field these days.

Traditional Moroccan rugs are woven by hand with High quality wool locally sourced. They take about 2 weeks to weave, starting with a traditional dyeing stage that gives the wool its rich color. The next step involves drying the wool out in the sun, and after that it is taken to artisans who hand weave them using looms.

Handmade moroccan blankets



Moroccan women wearing Mendil blanket

The Moroccan wedding blanket is a textile that is used in Morocco to cover the bride and bridegroom during a wedding ceremony. It then becomes one of the most precious possessions of a young couple and is often handed down from generation to generation.

These are popularly known as Handira. They are hand woven from the Amazigh weavers and are usually done by the family members of the bride. It could take days or even weeks to attach the sequins to it!

Today, Handiras have become an interior design statement and can be used as carpet, wall hanging, throw blanket on sofa or bed in any room and any interior style.


Moroccan women wearing Mendil blanket

You can’t go to the Jbala region in Morocco and not see at least dozens of women wearing a white and red striped handwoven blanket that they call ‘’The Mendil’’.

The Mendil is always worn by the woman both inside and outside her home. Considered a masterpiece of rural weaving. It is usually in red and white stripes and is made from wool or cotton.

The rural woman is aware of the great historical and artistic value of the mendil. She thus contributed to the development of this artisanal masterpiece. Which has become multicolored but still keeps its red and white stripes. The craftsmen reduced the size of it to make napkins. The Mendil now can be used as tablecloths, bedspreads and even pillow covers.


Moroccan Pompom blankets

Moroccan handmade Pom Poms blanket is one of the most ancient handicrafts that have been practiced in the Atlas mountain in Morocco for several centuries. It is a traditional handicraft that is still widespread in the Amazigh region where it has regained its popularity and become a seasonal industry for hundreds of women and young girls.

They are hand woven from wool that has been handspun and large Pom poms are sewn on the sides. These Moroccan blankets can be used as bed coverings, rugs, table coverings, and even drapes.


Chefchaouen blanket

Chefchaouen is a stunning town in Morocco in the north-west of the country close to Tangier. It has a unique blue medina and is surrounded by spectacular natural scenery. This place has one of the best traditional Rif blankets that most rural women wear as a symbol of belonging. The blankets are known to be hand woven in the bright primary colors such as blue, white and bright red. The most popular one is the blue sky blanket made with both white and blue colors.

Moroccan blankets are a great way to add some flair to your home decor and serve as a source of comfort during the colder months of the year. They come in various sizes, designs, and colors, and are a great item to consider for your next purchase. From the traditional to the contemporary, our collection of Moroccan throw blankets shows off the colorful side of Morocco.


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