Best gift to offer for Eid al-Fitr

June 02, 2019

Tindy has put together several gift ideas for you to offer to your family and friends for Eid al-fitr. Any of these Moroccan designer pieces will make the perfect gift to celebrate successfully the end of Ramadan. Whether it is decorations or accessories, you will undoubtedly find something to delight your wife, husband or parents.

The slippers signed Jah are all pieces of meticulous and qualitative work. Handmade, each model is a limited edition made in Fez. This region of southern Morocco is known for its great leatherwork, as well as for its babouches slippers. The black suede slippers with a silver bee ornament is a beautiful pair. It is made out of lamb suede and rests on a leather sole. The interior is lined with pads for even more comfort and flexibility. The intense black of the babouche is enhanced by a bee jewel that gives it a modern and chic look. These mules can be worn with jeans for a casual look or with traditional Moroccan clothing. For men, the Sailor khaki leather slippers revisit the art of traditional slippers. Combining comfort and elegance, the tanned lamb leather is adorned with a sailor's anchor to give it a more modern touch.

1. Black Suede Slippers with Silver Bee

A little chic detail

2. Khaki Leather Slippers in Sailor Style

For a modern touch


The bags created by IDYR are also high quality pieces. Especially the leather case, for men or women, KOTYEB. This handmade bag from natural leather is available in black and camel. Its multicoloured leather weaving uses the Boucharouette technique, a technique used for centuries in Morocco to create magnificent rugs and blankets using scraps of fabric. Practical, this bag with its large inside pockets will allow you to store your belongings in an organized way. The main pocket can accommodate a 13-inch laptop. Its handle is long and adjustable according to your desires. It is the ideal gift for men and women with busy schedules.

3. Women's Leather Bag

For busy days

4. Men's leather bag

The ideal Binder


If you are looking for a simpler gift, a fragrance with stick or a candle from Frag'In Scent is the ideal object. Their ingredients are carefully selected to guarantee an original and high-quality fragrance. They will make the person who receives them travel to Asia and Africa with its sparkling notes of citrus fruits, flowers and green tea, and will delicately sublimate their home.

5.Home Fragrances

A nice smell for a nice house

6.Scented candle "fraîcheur d'Asie"

Floral and balsamic aromas

7.Scented candle "Jardin d'Orient"

Soothing citrus notes


The trays of the Maison Bagan are very beautiful objects with remarkable colours and varied patterns. The trio gigogne tray is a real work of art. These three wooden trays, nested inside each other like a Russian doll, are decorated with the Zellige motif. Made and painted by hand, this tray can be used as a service tray or as a decoration and will delight your mother or wife, and will beautify their home. In the same style, the Hamsa set duo from the same designers will brighten up its owner's house. Available in orange and duck blue, these two trays are ideal for serving tea or as an empty pocket.

8.Trio of Nested Trays

Three is better than one

9.Duo Hamsa Trays

Decoration or trays

Finalement si vous cherchez un petit cadeau pour faire plaisir à votre neveux/nièces…le trio de cactus en coton fait au crochet de Tily Cactus apportera le soleil et la bonne humeur a une chambre d’enfant. Conçus et élaborés autour d’un contexte de préservation de l’environnement, les trios de crochets sont fait à partir de petits pot de métal recyclé et ornés d’un motif zellige marocain. Les cactus sont inspirés des figues de barbarie, très répandus au Maroc, et sont tissé à la main à partir de coton mercerisé.

10.Trio de Cactus en Crochet

Pour une touche de douceur

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